Dharma Shawarma
The Great Work of Your Life


January-February, 2013
Resources for a class based on

The Great Work of Your Life
by Stephen Cope

"Every man has a vocation to be someone: but he must understand clearly that in order to fulfill this vocation he can only be one person: himself."
--Thomas Merton
  • Related Topics and Ideas
  • Meaning of "Dharma" - Its wider meaning and connotation 
  • A Masterpiece of Splendor  ... laid out for you to do. Quote from Emma Curtis Hopkins.
  • Like Two Birds ... the individual self and the immortal Self perch together on the same branch.
  • Exploring the Indra-Net - Lord Indra's Jeweled Net of Synchronicity
  • The Chosen One - Why did Krishna choose Arjuna instead of the other heroic warriors?
  • The Budddha's Last Instruction - "Make of yourself a light," said the Buddha. A poem by Mary Oliver
  • Thinkers vs. Doers - What is it I should be doing... why am I here?
  • HurricaneIt didn't behave like anything you had ever imagined. A poem by Mary Oliver
  • My Personal Dharma (Ministry) - Sacred Covenant on Abundance from Sacred Days retreat
  • Loaves & Fishes - "Living Abundance through the Wisdom of Love" (slideshow) (pdf format)
  • Genius Takes Time to Bloom - Aretha Franklin Before Atlantic: The Columbia Years (from FreshAir)
  • Riding the Wave - How one determined woman and her dog found their dharma
  • Waiting for the Moon - A song about being patient until one's dharma appears
  • The Life of the Soul - To discover one's dharma, one must shift attention from outside to inside
  • Song of the Builders - A worthy pastime. A poem by Mary Oliver
  • Magic - Remember that song from Xanadu... what if it were true?
  • Searching for Sugar Man - A poor Detroit musician is more popular than the Beatles - but doesn't know it.
  • Sowing Seeds - We're everywhere and always sowing seeds... a poem.
  • Heart Labor - A poem by Maggie Anderson... about the opposite of dharms.
  • Awakening the Heroes Within - Another good book for discovering your life purpose
  • The Still, Small Voice Within - What Is Intiution? by Emma Curtis Hopkins

  • Resources and Materials
  • The Great Work of Your LifeHow to order a copy of the book by Stephen Cope
  • The Bhagavad Gita The classic work on which "Great Work" is based; here is a popular translation
  •  The Coach to Everywhere - Worksheet (blank) for starting the journey (.pdf format) (completed version) 
  • The Creative Process - How the "Coach to Everywhere" creates our reality (.pdf) (completed version)
  • Kingdoms of Creation - How we spiral upwards in our spiritual growth (.pdf)
  • Kingdoms of LivelihoodMoving from a job, to career to a calling (.pdf)
  • Fear-to-Faith WorksheetA powerful tool for discovering and discarding false beliefs (.pdf)

  • This material came from a class taught in January-February, 2013 by Rev. Dr. Kathy Hearn, called "Living Your Life with Power and Purpose," at Vision Center for Spiritual Living. It was based on the book "The Great Work of Your Life," by Stephen Cope. Other materials came from Science of Mind. The "Kingdoms" worksheets came from Sacred Days, an independent ministry.

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