Sowing Seeds
by Michael Powers
everyone who sows a seed
has picked the place, the prime position
for roots to burrow down for nourishment
and limbs to leap towards heaven and the Light

and everyone who sows a seed
selects the site
of bright new boundaries between
up and down, old and new,
heaven and earth, and
right and wrong

and everyone who sows a seed
fixes a firmer focal point
for new hope:
a new thought, taking shape
in the always-thinking, universal Mind

and everyone who sows a seed
becomes a mystic mediator
in the dance of Life-eluding-Death
performed for the amusement of
Divinity (infinity)
creating (in the process)
all Eternity.

And everyone, eventually, sows a seed:
a new thought or emotion,
a vision or a scheme,
a poem or a plan or just a dream
-- for throughout space and time we find
we're everywhere and always

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