The Life of the Soul
Rev. Alice Bandy

It is important to have a perspective upon your own spiritual journey and how it unfolds. The inner life is different than the outer life, and it is confusing to impose the values of one upon the other. Motivations we have for ourselves in the outer world are different than the values we hold true in the inner world. 

In the outer world, we are motivated to be happy, to be prosperous, to be loved, to be healthy, to be useful and creative in our work and to lead long, joyful lives.
beach ballerina Because of the way that our material world works, our days can fill up with advertising, opportunities and advice from other people in how to create this kind of life for ourselves. If we know someone who has been very successful in real estate, for example, we may think about getting into real estate ourselves: modeling ourselves after what seems to work for others.

If friends of ours have lots of children and seem happy, we may decide that we need to have children to be happy. All of this sort of guess work, looking at the outside to create happiness on the inside, is the path of trial and error: the path of pain. It may seem to work for awhile, but then inevitably, things seem to fall apart. Life gets challenging and at some point, if we are lucky, we are forced to turn within and ask ourselves the hard questions: what really makes me happy? What is my real purpose for my life? Who do I think I really am -- a mortal man or an eternal spirit?

forestIn the inner world, we are motivated by truth, love and joy. When we take our power back from the outer world and place it where it belongs, at the center of our hearts, all the answers come clear. Meditation is one doorway to this kind of inner dialogue.

This is the life of the soul and it has its own ways. Your soul would rather speak the truth, no matter what the cost, than hide in falsehood. Your soul would rather love everyone, no matter what they do, than judge them, punish them or get angry. Your soul would rather express every talent it has, than make all the money in the world.

Your soul would rather lead a short, delicious, passionate, joyful life with people you love than live forever with those that you donít. And the great miracle is: when you give your soul, your infinite spirit, permission to decide how you live, your life begins to truly work and be joyous. Have you tried it? Can you do it every day? 

Look from the inside. Each and every situation and person in your life is there to encourage you along the path of your own soul. Ask the question: How am I more joyful, more truthful, more loving, more creative because of this? How could I be more joyful because of this? What is my soul expressing because I am having this experience?

Your immortal soul is seeking and finding ways to express its truth in every moment. When you do not align with it, you experience resistance, suffering and pain. When you align with the power of your own spirit expressing, your life reflects truth and joy; you realize who you are and why you are here. This is how life works and why life is the way it is.

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