Walk Through the World
I’m writing you this letter from some old hotel
I can feel the distance between us
From the Spanish Steps to the Liberty Bell
I know the angels have seen us... seen us, baby

They see you down on Seventh Avenue
While you’re just hanging by a thread
And I’m sitting in a lonely room without a view
Wishing I was there with you instead

Won’t you walk through the world with me
Walk through this world
Over the miles of mystery
Walk through this world with me

I’m staring out across the rooftops
I’ve seen the writing on the wall
Heard a little bit of thunder at the seventh wonder
But everything is bound to rise and fall, that’s all

Walk through this world with me
Walk through the world
Over the mountains and the shining sea
Walk through this world with me...

Let me get this ringing out of my ears
Let me get these stars out of my eyes
‘Cause I just want to look back over all the years
With you right there standing by my side. Could you just...

(repeat chorus)

-- "Walk Through the World" by Marc Cohn

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