A Productive Prayer for Greater Abundance

There is only One Life. This Life is Good. This Life is God.

This Life is my life, right here and right now! Because I know that I am One with the Life that is God, I therefore know that I am One with a Life that is Infinite and Abundant in nature.

I now open up my mind and heart to accept the Truth that the Infinite and Abundant nature of God is flowing freely through the faith of my being. It comes into expression in my life in the form of money, goods, services, ideas, opportunities and whatever else might be required in order for me to know Life, and to know it more Abundantly.

I now release any thought, belief, idea, attitude or suggestion I might hold that does not conform with the Truth that I have spoken here. And, in knowing that this is so, I let go, and I let God be the only presence acting in my experience of Life.

With an open, gracious and joyous heart, I accept an abundance of all that is good into my life, right here and right now! Amen!

--  from Principles of Financial Freedom

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