Redirecting Our Emotional Antennae

"We are more often frightened then hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality."  --- Seneca

For many years I assumed that almost everything occurring in my self-centered little universe -- from one person's whispered remark to another's sidelong glance -- had to do with me personally.  Considering the fact that I had zero self-esteem, it was ironic that I imagined the world revolving around me.

Yet my hypersensitivity to the actions of others caused me extreme pain.  It was as if my emotional antennae picked up signals on some special frequency -- one that most people didn't even know existed.  My problem was compounded because I also reacted intensely to the pain of others, often absorbing it as if it were my own.

When I began my new life, a friend suggested that I put on an "invisible raincoat." This, she said, would temporarily shield me from unwelcome "vibes" while I learned more realistic and long-term solutions to my hypersensitivity.  By taking actions that at first seemed unrelated to my problem, I gradually was able to counteract my self-centeredness while becoming more secure and self assured.

While I'm still fine-tuned to the world around me, my reactions these days are far different. My sensitivity has been transformed from a painful liability into a positive force in my life.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: Your emotional antennae can be redirected for positive reception.
From "A New Day" by Anonymous
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