Spiritual Law

A  little consideration of what takes place around us every day would show us that a higher law than that of our will regulates events; that our painful labors are very unnecessary and altogether fruitless; that only in our easy, simple, spontaneous action are we strong, and by contenting ourselves with obedience we become divine.

Belief and love -- a believing we love will relieve us of a vast load of care.  O my brothers, God exists.  There is a soul at the centre of nature and over the will of every man, so that none of us can wrong the universe.  It has so infused its strong enchantment into nature that we prosper when we accept its advice, and when we struggle to wound its creatures our hands are glued to our sides, or they beat our own breasts.  The whole course of things goes to teach us faith.  We need only obey.

There is a guidance for each of us, and by lowly listening we shall hear the right word.  Why need you choose so painfully your place and occupation and associates and modes of action and entertainment?  Certainly there is a possible right for you that precludes the need of balance and willful election.  For you there is a reality, a fit place and congenial duties.

Place yourself in the middle of the stream of power and wisdom which flows into you as life, place yourself in the full center of that flood. Then you are without effort impelled to truth, to right and a perfect contentment.  Then you put all gainsayers in the wrong.  There you are the world, the measure of right, of truth, of beauty.

-- from “Spiritual Laws” by Ralph Waldo Emerson

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