Sin is the refusal of the human to become who we are.
– Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel
We cannot live a choiceless life.  Every day, every moment, every second there is a choice.  If it were not so we would not be individuals.

– The Science of Mind, page 143
Living in Integrity

The greatest freedom that any of us has is the ability to be who we are. If for any reason we abandon our own purpose to please someone else, we imprison ourselves. We sacrifice our own humanity, our own identity, and eventually our own happiness. Before we can please anyone else we must please ourselves.

To some, this may seem selfish or uncaring; however, each one of us was put here to fulfill a divine purpose – our own purpose, not anyone else's. Living our own dream is not selfish – it is our calling; it is our reason for being. It is selfish for anyone else to ask us to forego our dreams in order to please them.

Sometimes it takes great courage to live our purpose. We may have to resist the entreaties of friends and loved ones who believe they know what is best for us, or who fear the path we are walking.  While they may mean well, only we know what our heart is calling us to do. As Rabbi Sani Labowitz reminds, us, “It takes courage to live fully; moreover, it takes courage not to select what you may not want, regardless of outside influences.”

So take the time to seek your purpose.  Listen to that divine voice that speaks from within. Ask yourself: What makes you joyous? What energizes you? What calls to your heart?  And then follow the voice. Walk your path with integrity and conviction. No one could ask any more of you, and no one should ask any less.

In this moment of peace and joy, I move silently within and know I have the power to walk my own path with courage, faith, and honor.  I am called to greatness.

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