“The Spirit of God is a law of elimination and obliteration to everything unlike Itself”
- The Science of Mind, page 186

“When we are aware of Life and Light, we shall also be aware of health and wholeness and peace and joy”
- H.B. Jeffery, The Principles of Healing

The Grand Illusion

Sometimes our progress appears to be blocked by some huge boulder. Our natural inclination is to try to “figure it out”. We think if we just look harder, longer and deeper at it, the way around it will appear. But the more we analyze its harsh, craggy surface, the larger and more formidable it seems to become.  It just grows more solid under our single-focused attention.

The truth is there is no block to God and our divine expression of Its life.  Instead, our mind has simply drawn an intricate painting of a large, jagged boulder on the sheer, bright curtain that shimmers ahead of us on our path.  If we simply relax into the truth, knowing our divinity and the perfect unfoldment of the divine design called our life, we’ll feel the wind of Spirit rushing up from behind us and blowing the curtain aside.

Today I relax into the loving arms of God, knowing all is exactly as it should be and that I am being gently, clearly guided by the soft winds of Spirit into the full expression of the Divine.

-- Jeanne Phillips, RScP

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