Hurting, Helping & Healing

As long as people are un-healed they will be hurting. To hurt is to suffer in some fashion.

The cause of hurting is a belief in what is NOT true. A belief in separation for instance. A belief that "I am not enough, there is not enough, God is not enough."

As long as there are people who are hurting there will be a need for helping.

The activity of helping brings comfort to those who are hurting. It also builds self-esteem and dispels selfishness in those who help.This is because they are duplicating the nature of Spirit, the Comforter.

Once healing has occurred the need for helping has come to an end. Healing is the highest form of helping.

The activity of healing is the revelation of Truth, for example that there is only one Power, that we are all one with it and that as such, we are already connected to all we need to be healthy and happy.

To be a healer you must BE unselfish and HAVE high self-esteem. This means that you must BE detached from the activity of your personality and HAVE an awareness of your oneness with God.

When people are hurting you can be where the action is by helping those in need, OR you can be where the answers are by healing through revealing the Divinity that is within those who are hurting.

Helping is charitable giving  based on compassion.  Healing is gracious giving  based on Love.

True healers may sometimes be perceived as being unsympathetic by those who are hurting.  This is because they will not agree with the false beliefs of those who come to them. For instance, Jesus never did social work (helping). In fact, one of the reasons he was crucified was that he would not help the zealots who were hurting for a fight with the Romans.  Instead, he engaged in a ministry of healing based on the Truth of Love. Even though he healed the sick, cast out demons and raised the dead, he "only" preached the Gospel to the poor.

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